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settling in

it’s taken a while to feel at home in the new job. so much has changed in the last year that it seems to have been on fast forward. It seems I’ve only been here a few days yet it has been over three weeks now. I’m missing friends from the lovely job, but we can still email each other all the time and catch up on news and even synchronise tea breaks on occasion, and the people here at the new job are lovely too and are working hard to give S and I suggestions of where to go on our honeymoon.

The wedding is pretty much planned now, and we’re now just enjoying sorting out the little details and looking forward to the day (i’m told that 11 months is too early to send out invitations however pretty the design is…)


now officially engaged. very exciting and there were lots of squeals down the phone as we called everyone to tell them the news

Less than 2 weeks left in my job now, i think the majority of these will be taken up by looking at wedding websites and getting very distracted every time my gorgeous antique diamond ring catches the light as i type. so shiny…


my head is almost ready to explode as there are so many thoughts and ideas swirling around – i can’t wait until things are out in the open so i can bore everyone silly with my OCD spreadsheets of planning fun…


Phew, the secret is out and I can breathe a little more easily

I was offered the new job yesterday and subsequently spent several hours working myself into a state about handing in my notice, but I didn’t need to worry. My lovely boss and I were both tearful, but we both knew it was time for me to move on to something new, and something that doesn’t involve quite so many hours of commuting a day.

It still seems so unreal that in a month i wont be sitting barefoot and crosslegged on my broken swivel chair at the only tidy desk in a messy office anymore, with the chief exec taking his turn to make cups of tea and the tradition of pizza delivery thursdays. There’s nowhere quiet like this place in the world, but i think my new daytime home will have its own quirks.


It’s a good thing i managed to get some work done this morning as this afternoon i have the office to myself so am therefore doing nothing at all. Ever since i applied for another job i’ve had a hard time concentrating on this one. It’s difficult as i love my job, and i feel incredibly guilty having applied for another one as i love the people i work with here as well. I’ve got a second interview on friday and until that’s done and i hear back from them, i’m in limbo. Should i tell my boss i’m looking for something else if it might not happen? Will it make it easier if i forewarn her, or will it make it harder as she’ll be hurt and i’ll risk changing our working environment.

Things would be easier if my boss wasn’t such a good friend and if this was a normal workplace

It all comes down to the fact that i can’t stand keeping secrets. I don’t mean little secrets like not telling someone what you’ve bought them for christmas, or who their secret admirer is, but big secrets. I seem to be keeping a lot of them at the moment from so many different people that i constantly fear giving something away as my brain struggles to remember who knows what.

they’re not big bad secrets, i’m running with spoons not with scissors, but spoons can be just as scary